HEY THERE, I SEE YOU'VE FOUND MY BLOG. I'm Cate, and I’m a bluegrass musician and computer science student in Vancouver, BC, with a focus on banjos and algorithms, respectively. Don’t be fooled by occasional bouts of magnanimity and gushy enthusiasm, deep down I conceal a truly catty, bitter soul shriveled by years of judging other people’s opinions, choices, and incorrect otps on the internet. I’m in a committed long distance relationship with my cat, Moz, who I raised this past year from a wary, feral puffball of a foster kitten to a capricious little asshole who loves me more than anyone else in the world. I take my feminism intersectional.

I'm a sporadic blogger with scattered interests and no particular organizational system, but I try to stick some of the more interesting non-reblogged stuff into the my posts tag. LLAP, guys.

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Bryan Sutton,
Into My Own

it took me a while to get into bryan sutton’s latest album but this is my favorite recently


Birds Rights Activist is the best twitter and sometime perfect satire

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bbc sherlock

more like


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adults react to the endeavour s2 finale










my cat thinks he’s my workout buddy but he’s actually killing me

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New guitar demo test drive whatever!!!

This is my new guitar, and I wanted to show it to the internet and just ended up picking out the melody to Lonesome Moonlight Waltz when I picked it up.

I want to say that the guitar ~*spoke to me~*~~ and I ~*~felt the song would go with its voice~*~~~ but in reality I was loudly singing this the other night when I was alone at my parents’ because I watched a slightly creepy TV show and was trying to ward off ghosts as I did the dishes (doooo doot doouuuuoooo doooo doot dooooo dooooOOOOoo DO DO DO do DOOO) and that is probably why it was in my head.

USUAL DISCLAIMER I’VE NEVER PLAYED THIS SONG BEFORE TONIGHT ALSO PLAYING A BASS LINE ON WALTZES MAKES MY FINGERS CONFUSED. Also please ignore the part where I am like idk possessed by Voldemort or something when I lose track of the melody on the F chord and also can’t hold down the low string with my thumb apparently LOOK, IT GETS HARDER THE CLOSER YOU GET TO THE BRIDGE and I am Chief Tinyhands of the Tinyhands Clan.

This guitar deserves so much better than me. Sorry, bro.

Stats for the curious: figured Koa back/sides/rosette/bindings, Englemann top, ONE OF THOSE COMFY BEVEL ARMREST THINGS yeah, that’s right, this is the guitar equivalent of those fancy-ass business class plane seats that turn into beds EXCEPT IT SOUNDS BETTER


Happy Fourth of July America!

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I was reading that post earlier today about this woman (who’s like a size 2 or whatever) who goes to op-shops and buys cheap “ugly” (aka fat people’s) clothes and “re-fashions” them to fit her. If you haven’t seen the post yet I’m sure you will soon!
I’m on board with the whole sustainable reduce/reuse shit but there are literally thousands and thousands of options for thin people to buy clothes, and op shops are full to the brim with clothes in smaller sizes.
Many fat people struggle to find nice/cheap clothes as it is (especially in second hand stores), we don’t need thin people buying us out of the few options we have!
Anyways after reading this I angrily went op-shopping and bought every thin-person piece of clothing that I could see potential in. Tonight I successfully fat-hacked this size 10 ~vintage~ dress (from the 80’s) and I hope some thin people get mad when I start buying all the good clothes in their sizes and destroying them


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soooo… music progress has been slow due to the whole full time job thing. i’m way not into that. someone pay me money to do nothing on the internet.

i have kinda been saving all the stuff that i think has the potential to be cool because everything i play could use a lot of work, but here is one i’ve just been playing for fun. it is my favorite song about institutionalized misandry.

also i haven’t been doing a whole lot of arranging stuff on the banjo, mostly just haul it out to jams and see what happens. and half the time i spend more time drinking beer than playing music. i am a lazy fuck-up, you guys. :(