HEY THERE, I SEE YOU'VE FOUND MY BLOG. I'm Cate, and I’m a bluegrass musician and computer science student in Vancouver, BC, with a focus on banjos and algorithms, respectively. Don’t be fooled by occasional bouts of magnanimity and gushy enthusiasm, deep down I conceal a truly catty, bitter soul shriveled by years of judging other people’s opinions, choices, and incorrect otps on the internet. I’m in a committed long distance relationship with my cat, Moz, who I raised this past year from a wary, feral puffball of a foster kitten to a capricious little asshole who loves me more than anyone else in the world.

I'm a sporadic blogger with scattered interests and no particular organizational system, but I try to stick some of the more interesting non-reblogged stuff into the my posts tag. LLAP, guys.


my legacy

i’m laughing so hard at the room one omfg

sooo i chilled with an astronaut last night, nbd.



Sam Bush and Tony Rice - I Just Think I’ll Stay Around

There is a little history to this video.  Tony didn’t get along with Lonnie Peerce (the fiddle player) for some reason.  Tony left NGR to go to the New South with J. D. Crowe.  He was also offered a job with the Seldom Scene at one time.

Ah wow, very neat. Look at the hair!! The matching shirts!! Tony’s D-28 is looking a little less beat up than it does nowadays but still pretty worse for wear, especially sans pickguard.

Here's the other Bluegrass Alliance video I'm aware of online. Wow, much bell-bottoms, very crosspicking.


29 Life-Changing Quesadillas You Need To Know About

wow this is too important for me to chance it getting lost in my likes

(via tinyloudmoron)

Sooo you know how a while back I said David Bromberg’s recording of Buckdancer’s Choice was next up on my guitar-learning queue? Got that to a point where I’m reasonably pleased with it! The bass line is not as fancy as Bromberg plays it because I am still learning and that is confusing to me OK BABY STEPS but that doesn’t seem to be hugely detrimental. Gotta get those pull-offs a little more consistent too, but whatevs I AM HAPPY.

NEXT UP: Dave Van Ronk’s version of Cocaine Blues. I’m liking C right now but maybe I’ll try something in G after that because G is the key of my heart, and then maybe I’ll get really crazy and do something in E??? WHO KNOWS.

Honestly I’m looking around at less shitty guitars (got my eye on Taylor’s new 800 series right now but I could be swayed!!) and I need to build up a good repertoire just so I don’t look so lame when I sit around in music stores trying out instruments, lmao, right now I only know like ten songs and only seven of them are in normal tuning and you can exhaust that shit really quickly. Plus more than half of them are directly lifted from Jorma’s back catalog and that is EMBARRASSING.

so how about that cap 2 then eh

24 plays

aforementioned fiddle/banjo comboin’ going on in my life—this is not particularly together and the audio quality on my phone is p shitty but it is a good window into what i do w/ my time when i’m not recording dumb videos for the internet on my own or whatever.

n e way, i finally got ed to play the right notes on the b part of clinch mountain backstep, lolol, so that was good. rolling backup always throws him off when there’s no one else playing backup and that’s probs my fault but this is one of those tunes that works really well in unison, i think.

this is just us messing around and ed was trying a different bowhold or something so pls excuse the few moments of ???.



Little Rabbit—Richard Greene & Tony Trischka

Good Stuff!

i have to admit i only listened to like half of this because i am exhausted but i am reblogging it because i am always on the lookout for good fiddle/banjo duet stuff 4 reference and this will remind me tomorrow

my fiddle player bros seriously need to learn to chop properly

hi there i accidentally overestimated my tolerance for double vodka crans at the blues jam tonight

but u better believe i can still cut and paste things in photoshop like a boss


Belated addition to my Wintergrass posts! I think Front Country was the one band I “discovered” there this year in that I hadn’t heard of them before and enjoyed the hell of. (Special mention to Beats Working, but they were a one-off thing so that doesn’t really count.) Anyway, Front Country have decent musicians (look, that’s a real compliment, my standards are high—and they’re young enough they’ll just get better over time!), neat arrangements, nice harmonies, and the singer’s got such a spectacular voice.

Here’s a neat version of Rock Salt & Nails. Not the classic New South arrangement, clearly. I’d be very tentative about calling Front Country bluegrass but they sure are holding the right instruments.

Also wow while poking around on YouTube I found them covering my FAVE EVER Darrell Scott song (plus playing a couple other sweet-ass tunes). I am queueing this so you will NEVER KNOW the sad state my sleep schedule has gotten into, but dang, this is making me so happy in the middle of the night.