HEY THERE, I SEE YOU'VE FOUND MY BLOG. I'm Cate, and I’m a bluegrass musician and computer science student in Vancouver, BC, with a focus on banjos and algorithms, respectively. Don’t be fooled by occasional bouts of magnanimity and gushy enthusiasm, deep down I conceal a truly catty, bitter soul shriveled by years of judging other people’s opinions, choices, and incorrect otps on the internet. I’m in a committed long distance relationship with my cat, Moz, who I raised this past year from a wary, feral puffball of a foster kitten to a capricious little asshole who loves me more than anyone else in the world. I take my feminism intersectional.

I'm a sporadic blogger with scattered interests and no particular organizational system, but I try to stick some of the more interesting non-reblogged stuff into the my posts tag. LLAP, guys.

i made a bad decision at claire’s today

ty ambrr for bringing this video into my life

Relatedly, this youtube exchange will never stop being my favorite thing.

Relatedly, this youtube exchange will never stop being my favorite thing.

QUESTION: Do any real people listen to Little Feat? I discovered the other day that they were the originators of “Fat Man in the Bathtub”, which Darrell Scott & John Cowan & Pat Flynn did a truly spectacular cover of on a live Wintergrass recording, which I was in turn reminded of because they mashed the song up with a riff that someone was playing at the blues jam the other day… and now I am super bothered by the fact that I don’t remember where said riff apparently came from. WHATEVER, I DIGRESS. Also they wrote Sailing Shoes which I DID NOT REALIZE EITHER, like, John Cowan’s taste is questionable but I am 100% behind anything Sam Bush is into. Also they were a spin-off of Zappa’s band apparently and I have always meant to spend some time figuring out the Zappa thing. But no one has ever really mentioned them in my presence before?? Why is that.


Bryan Sutton | Cricket on the Hearth

From his recent solo release, Into My Own on Sugar Hill. 
Featuring Samson Grisman on bass, Noam Pikelny on banjo, Luke Bulla on fiddle, and Casey Campbell on mandolin. 

Be looking for Bryan Sutton on tour with Hot Rize.